Chapter 10 is Here!

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Greetings Hominerds! 

And welcome back. I know I’ve been making you all wait a really long time for Chapter 10 to kick off but sometimes you need that break. This last year has been a bit rocky and finding work is quite the job! I won’t bore you with the details but I would encourage you if you haven’t already, to check out my Deviant Art page to see what I’ve been up to.

Enough of that, let’s talk Hominids! How about that cover?!?! You’ve all been waiting to see what will happen to Zona on the Mountain. This cover might spoil a bit of it for you but I promise that you won’t want to miss a single page! And if you were a Zona fan before, just wait until the end of this chapter! As for page 1 itself, I’m going to go ahead and let that one stew for awhile…….

Also, if you want a better mobile experience reading Hominids, I’ve ported the entire book to the vertical format over at Webtoons and Tapastic. I would really encourage you guys to give that a try, especially if you’re interested in reading it again. Please follow me at both those places, even if you don’t really care for those apps. Upping my following means more exposure to other readers who might miss it. 


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  1. Hee Fone says:

    Just a gentle reminder, I appreciate that you updated the character page but there are a few grammatical mistakes regarding the info about Aura.

  2. Giddgie says:


  3. Happy to see you back.

  4. MyHatIsMadeFromOranges says:

    Oh shit! New page! 😀

  5. Hee Fone says:

    I’m assuming that the hybrid child of Zona & Icari will be born in this chapter.

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