Hey guys,

Small update today as I’m dealing with some personal family issues.

Enjoy the new page and I’ll see you all Friday for a new color Chapter 1 page.

Give A Dog A Bone

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I know it’s been bleak for a while now.

I’ve been very excited about this rescue and more in particular this moment.

Savor in the happy moment because it won’t be long before things continue to get more and more intense!

Stay true Hominerds!

Page 167


If you haven’t seen, I’m updating Chapter 1 every Friday.

It’s always bothered me that it was the only chapter in black and white.

I’ve also learned so much since then, so it only makes sense in the eve of finishing all of book 1, that I would update the beginning. So make sure to stop back by Friday for the first 2 pages colored!


Page 166


Greetings Hominerds,

As I am working on my buffer, I am getting really excited at the event about to unfold.

If you have been wondering where Icari’s father, Eetori was, now you know. Even though Icari have been welcomed with open arms, he knows nothing about weapons and war.¬†Perhaps Eetori doesn’t yet trust him enough to have told him about his new invention. At any rate, Icari has not factored this weapon into his escape plan.

In Comicon news, I was at Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma this last weekend. It’s a pretty small show but it was a lot of fun and met some great people. Most notably I met a couple fellow webcomicers. The first was a a guy named Kasey Quevedo,who is the creator of a comic called Velocidad. Second was Gilby Lawson, a writer working on several comics, one called Charlatan and one called Stray. Both were really nice guys and I look forward to reading their comics. So go check’em out.

On a last note, for those of you who didn’t see my latest post, I wanted to share the art piece I submitted to the newest Monsters and Dames book. This is an exclusive book only sold at Emerald City Comicon.


Monsters and Dames

Each year, Emerald City Comicon does a book called Monsters and Dames.

I thought I would share with you all the Hominids piece that I am submitting. Wish me luck!