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I found this old piece while staying at my Moms house in Colorado. This one cracks me up. If I didn’t know these characters, I’d be wondering why the scary native men are bullying the white guy? What was I trying to say here? In reality back in the day I had a limited amount of colors in my marker set and I was just trying make things pop. Even so this just makes me laugh.


Keyli via 1996


I was recently visiting Colorado seeing family. I stayed with my mother who has an extensive collection of all things her kids art. My wife Lindsay and I spent some time going through as much as we could. We probably only got through about a third of it, however we did find some wonderful treasures. Some of these were lost Hominids art like the piece above. I thought I had lost this one and was really sad about that considering I was 15 when I drew it. I was overjoyed to find it, mainly so that I could share it with all of you!
Back then I would take the original inks to Kinko’s and xerox it at 100%. Then I used Pantone markers to color it in. This was a time when photoshop was a foreign language to me and a computer was only good for playing Solitaire.
I found a bunch of drawings just like this so stay tuned!

Return to Old School

Here are some early Hominids art from when I was in 9th grade I believe. At this point in my life, I wasn’t drawing these characters very often. I had a lot of other ideas that I was playing around with. Plus I was drawing a lot of Batman, X-Men, Alien vs Predator, and Gargoyles. I was a huge geek for all those properties. Every once and a while I would return to the world of Hominids and I must say it was always a joy.
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Behind the Scenes: Old School Hominids Art


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Once again, it’s been a while since I’ve posted any old school “Hominids” drawings. I figured since Chapter 4 just ended and thing were looking bleak, I would post some drawings of the characters having a little fun.
You’ll notice in a lot of these old drawings they all wore war paint. I didn’t want to go in that direction for the comic so I gave the Tree People defined pigment instead. This still gives them all a unique flavor while also helping differentiate the species.

Behind the Scenes: The Women of Early Hominids.


Growing up I didn’t draw the female characters much. They were really just supporting cast for the boys. What can I say, I didn’t really know anything about girls at the time. This actually presented me with a nice opportunity to make these character far more fresh and original. Trust me, you don’t want to know some of their original names. The only ones that stayed close were Sno, her name was Snowball before, and Lye. Her name is the only thing that is from the old days though. The rest of her is completely new.
These drawings we’re fun because it was the first time I tried to define them on their own as independent, strong characters. It’s almost strange to see them covered up. They suddenly feel more objectified when you put them in native bikinis. That could just be me though.

Behind the Scenes: Natives Big War!


Among Peanut People, Cannibals, and massive predators, our heroes major foe was a competing tribe that lived in the mountains. In the new comic, they are the humans trying to invade on the Neanderthals territory. I’m not exactly sure what is going on in a lot of that first picture. It was mostly just a reason to keep drawing battle scenes.

Behind the Scenes: Midnight Sneak Attacks, Snow Fights, and More Surfing.

Some more art from my childhood! Check out the captions for a small description for each one.

Behind the Scenes: Old Art!

Another set of classic Hominids drawings from when I was 11! Many of the battles were with the ‘Peanut People’ who eventually became the Root Dwellers. These guys evolved from an ape species similar to the Chimpanzee. Also, plants and animals often joined in the fight.

Lost Hominids Art


In case you’re wondering what that faded shape is above the characters, it’s an AT-AT Walker I drew on the other side of the paper.

I found these oldies in some of  my homework from junior high. There is something to be said for keeping all your drawings, even the terrible ones.  You can look at what you knew at the time and how much you still needed to learn. I have a huge pile of papers stretching from 6th grade to college. Every once in a while I go through them and find little gems that I forgot all about. This last time I found a lot of old Hominids drawings. I pulled them all out and will be updating the site every week again with all those old classics.


As I grew a little older I started getting more comfortable drawing females so characters like Sno and Lye became more prominent.



Early Icari

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any old “Hominids” art. To be honest, growing up, there was a long while where I did very little with this world. I’d moved on to other ideas and creations. It wasn’t until I started the comic where these character returned to the forefront of my mind. However, from time to time I would revisit them thinking it’d be fun to update them to age I was at.
This is a piece I did in high school. I was doing a lot of experimenting back then. Although Icari is classically inked with markers and pens, I cut him out of the paper and glued his body to cardboard to raise him off the canvas for a bit of a 3D look. Then I colored the background in colored pencil to push it back.
You’ll notice this is a far stronger, more confident Icari. You may also notice a certain tattoo on his arm that he doesn’t have in the comic. Might we meet this Icari sometime in the future?
I still like this piece considering my skill level at the time.