Fan Art

This Sno art comes from my buddy and fellow illustrator, Mike Bear. I’ve had the fortune of working with him for the last 2 years and I must say that his work is just so good!

Follow him at his Facebook, Twitter @bearmantooth and his website.



Look at these amazingly adorable, wonderful Hominids sketches from my friend Karin Madan. This is just a taste of what she can do. Make sure to follow her Facebook page as she does some of the cutest illustrations and makes her own plushy dolls.

image image image image

Hey Hominid fans,

i want to share some beautiful sculpture work from my artist friend Lyla Warren. She recently sculpted this amazing Zona statue and sent it in a bunch of angles. Make sure to follow her work. She does these amazing little Seedling characters, not to mention some amazing Disney sculptures that actually sold in Disneyland. Here’s her FacebookPinterest, and Tumblr

image image image image image image image image image image

First, let just say how excited I am to share this amazing Lye pin-up by Al Fukalek, artist of The Specialist. I met met Al and The Specialists writer, Shawn Gustafson at Denver Comic Con. They’re great guys and I was happy to hear they were fans of Hominids. I also did a pin-up for them and will share that with you all as soon as they make it public. They have some exciting things coming so make sure you follow these guys and show your support.


Check out this haunting Hominids piece of the Flesh-eaters working away

on their latest meal. This piece was done by fellow Iron Tiger Comics friend, Victor Couwenbergh. Victor is the author Zik the Gallant Defender of Zoz. Make sure to check out his comic and show your support.


Hey everyone,

I meant to post this yesterday but I’ve been sort of out of balance these days without posting each week.

This week I have a beautiful illustration by Erin Middendorf. Here’s her art blogpottery blogFacebookTumblr and Patreon. Make sure to go follow her. Erin is an amazing artist who I’ve worked with for the last five years at PopCap Games. We’ve worked Emerald City Comic Con together for four years and she’s always the first to sell out. Her pottery work is always in high demand.


I love having artist friends!

This amazing piece of art comes from a friend from work named Tara Mueller. This woman is a rock star of the highest order and I am honored to have a Hominids piece illustrated by her. You will not regret following her! Herehere, and here.


This week we have a new pin-up from amazing artist, Edward Pun!

Edward is the creator for the amazing comic series, Shotgun Wedding. Also check out his great pin-up work at his Twitter @EdwardPun1, or Facebook page.



Sno by Stephen Byrne


As promised I will still be posting something new each week. This is a piece by internet famed, Stephen Byrne! Make sure to follow his Facebook page!|
And if you want a little preview of next weeks post, vote for Hominids at Top Webcomics for a great piece by Edward Pun.

Oh and if you live in the Denver area, make sure to come visit me at the Denver Comic Con over Memorial Day weekend! I’ll be at table F32.

I’m totally in love with this piece.
Leila Del Duca sent me the final image that she did for Hominids.
Make sure you check out her new book that she is working on with Joe KeatingeShutter. I’ve read the first three issues and they’re great!



This beautiful piece was by the talented artist Leila Del Duca. Her new book Shutter is being published by Image Comics.


Hominids has gotten some fan art! I’m excited about this because it doesn’t happen very often. This wonderful ‘Sno’ piece comes from long time reader and comic creator himself, Courtland Brugger. I’m currently doing some commission work for him and will make sure to post that work when it’s finished.

Go check out his Deviant Art page!

sno final