Erin Middendorf – Pin-Up

Hey everyone,

I meant to post this yesterday but I’ve been sort of out of balance these days without posting each week.

This week I have a beautiful illustration by Erin Middendorf. Here’s her art blog, pottery blog, FacebookTumblr and Patreon. Make sure to go follow her. Erin is an amazing artist who I’ve worked with for the last five years at PopCap Games. We’ve worked Emerald City Comic Con together for four years and she’s always the first to sell out. Her pottery work is always in high demand.


Clumsy Pin-Up!

I love having artist friends!

This amazing piece of art comes from a friend from work named Tara Mueller. This woman is a rock star of the highest order and I am honored to have a Hominids piece illustrated by her. You will not regret following her! Here, here, and here.



Sno Pin-Up Colored

Last week I posted the pencil and ink fan art by our fellow ‘Hominerd‘,  Courtland Brugger. Last night he send me the beautiful color final. I love the night time tone he set, and the way the moonlight reflects off Sno.

If anyone is ever interested in doing fan art, send it to me and I’ll post it here at the site. I love seeing different peoples interpretation of their favorite ‘Hominids’!

Thanks again Courtland!


New Fan Art!

Hominids has gotten some fan art! I’m excited about this because it doesn’t happen very often. This wonderful ‘Sno’ piece comes from long time reader and comic creator himself, Courtland Brugger. I’m currently doing some commission work for him and will make sure to post that work when it’s finished.

Go check out his Deviant Art page!

sno final



Fan Art