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Hey Hominerds,

I got reviewed this week over at Comic Alternative. It’s really positive and they give a lot of great feedback on the website.
Give it a listen and let me know if you agree/disagree.

Hominids Patreon is Live!

Exciting news everyone!

My Patreon account is finally live!


That’s right, and you’re going to have access to a lot of cool stuff you wouldn’t get anywhere else!
Here’s a look:

Video by my talented friend, Joey Trimmer

So here are some of the cool things you can get when you sign up.

Pledge $1 or more per month

You get the comic update a full day earlier than anyone else!
That’s right! You have spoiler power starting Monday rather then that silly Tuesday update!

Pledge $2 or more per month

Get updates all week long!
You’ll see the latest pages from their inception all the way to finish. You’ll be the first to see thumbnails, pencils, ink, flat colors and final as each is completed!

Pledge $5 or more per month

Same as above and you also get access to all my concept art, color comps, sketches and once I hit that Goal, animations!
Did I mention you also get the PSD of the latest page?
Well, you do!

Yes, this is awesome!

Pledge $15 or more per month

Same as above, and high resolution PDF’s of the entire series! You’ll immediately get the full graphic novel of Book 1, plus each upcoming issue as they are completed.

Patreon Exclusive
Every month I’m going to draw a portrait of a character from Hominids.
Every month, you’ll get one in the mail. It’ll be like trading cards.
Collect them all!!! (NOTE: I may limit this in the future depending on how many I have to print and send out. SO GET IT NOW!)
You will also get access to livestream process videos.

Pledge $20 or more per month

Patreon Exclusive
Who is your favorite pop culture character?
Once a week I’ll pick from your suggestions and draw that character as a Hominid. Everyone who is at this tier will have access to the art.
As an added BONUS: Whoever’s suggestion I pick for that week, will get the original artwork mailed to them!This will potentially be NSFW depending on the request. This is Hominids after all!

Pledge $50 or more per month

Patreon Exclusive
Wow! Really!?! You’re AMAZING!

If you’re willing to shell out $50 a month, you deserve something equally amazing. Every 3 months you’ll get an original Hominids page in the mail. That’s 3 pages a year! Sometimes it might be pencils, other times, it could be inks. I’m going to keep making them, so I won’t run out!
Those all sound pretty awesome to me. I hope it’s enough to entice you to come over and support me. I really do want to make this the greatest comic it can be for you all, and your support will aid in that.
Thanks Hominerds!

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Hey Hominerds,

Last week John asked in the comment section if I would “pronounce the names of the characters we’ve seen so far?”
I thought this was a good idea, so I made this quick little video highlighting the characters in the “Hominids” so far.


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Feelings get feeled!

Apologies are not needed.

Loves will be forever missed!


In much less sad news, there are some developments in my Patreon account.
It will be going live soon so keep an eye out for it. Here is a preview image from the accompanying video.
It’s going to be amazing!!!!

patreon photo

Book 2 Announce Trailer!

Thanks everyone for your patience.

As you can see, I’ve been hard at work preparing something special for you. It’s been a dream of mine to bring Hominids to life in one way or another even if it’s only for 30 seconds. I felt that announcing Book 2 would be the perfect place to do so!

So save the date! Hominids returns January 5th along with yet even more surprises! So help spread the word Hominerds and share with everyone you know.


While working away on Book 1, I received a lovely email from a student at Savannah College of Art and Design. Her instructor, Kit Seaton went to school with me and several months ago she reached out to me asking if I would help her with her Digital Coloring and Lettering. So I sent her some of my ink pages to see what her students came up with. This artist, Higuamota F sent me these lovely colored pages! She told me that she wanted to stay away from seeing any of my color work before starting these so her colors wouldn’t be influenced. It’s really fun for me to see your work through someone else’s eyes. Check it out below and make sure to visit her Tumblr page.

Chapter 3_pg 10-1small Chapter 3_pg 11small

Thanks everyone. See you in January!


Well, we won’t be seeing those guys again….

So I know I said last week was the last page, but every epic story needs an epilogue.
I also didn’t want you to think that I forgot about that cave. In fact, be ready for the cave and Icari’s god to be major parts of ‘Book 2″. But in what capacity? Either way, they still have to get off that Mountain and learn how to dodge arrows.

Even  though I will be taking a break to get “Book 2” ready, make sure to keep coming back for art, concepts and general updates. Oh and if you live in the Denver area, make sure to come visit me at the Denver Comic Con over Memorial Day weekend! I’ll be at table F32.

I just want to thank everyone for being such loyal followers. I’m not a person who ever feels entitled by anything. I’m completely humbled that you would wait a week for me to make a story that takes this long to tell and want to return the following week to find out what happens next. I promise that I am hard at work on “Book 2” and that it will be worth the wait!

Until next time my fellow Hominerds!

Ungraceful Landing

Where on the Mountain do you believe they landed?

How much further do they have to go?

On a lighter note, Hominids was featured on WebComic Super 100 this week!
It’s a really nice review, so make sure to watch the video and visit Emmett Hamilton‘s site at the above link.

Infinite Canvas

So things are really starting to go horribly wrong.

Sno is on her own, Icari is injured, and the rest of the pack is no where to be scene!

You don’t want to miss these upcoming pages! In the meantime….

…I was part of a gallery show called Infinite Canvas that featured webcomics at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD) where I received my bachelor’s degree.

Here are some of the other webcomics featured:
The PC Weenies by Krishna Sadasivam
Nameless PCs
by Wesley Hall
Ninjasaur by Jason Horn
McManamanimation by Amanda McManaman

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of info at the site, but there are a few photos HERE. My mother and stepfather paid the show a visit. It was closed Sunday, but the security guard was nice enough to let them in. Here are some highlights. Thanks for visiting Mom!

Photo Jan 25, 3 03 24 PMPhoto Jan 25, 3 02 07 PM Photo Jan 25, 3 02 24 PM  Photo Jan 25, 3 05 03 PM

The security guard who let them in.
Photo Jan 25, 3 06 44 PM

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Bear with me here.

I have a point and a reason for what’s happening to Sno.

This is one of the more difficult pages I’ve had to draw. I’m always a little nervous to post tough pages like this. In the next couple weeks hopefully it will become obvious why Sno has been stripped of her clothes, further then the High Priest being the worst! Just from what’s happening on this page, the most significant moment here is that this is where the High Priest has lost the audience. As much as they are indoctrinated, this was a bit much for them. It make sense just looking at how much they cover up and devalue their own women. To see that much skin in this context must be a shock.
The other big thing is Icari. His empathy has given himself away!

The intensity continues next week!

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Hey Gang,

Not a lot to report this week.

I know I say this often but this was a page I’ve been anticipating for some time. It was hard to kill off this character. Part of me really want to give him a happy ending. With his situation though, I don’t think it would have been realistic. His is just a sad story. If Keyli doesn’t escape, this will most certainly be his fate.

The other big thing is of course, Eetori has mastered his new invention. A bow and arrow may seem low tech to us, but for them, this is a game changer. Things are even more dangerous for our pack of Tree Dwellers!

Still no word on when the videos of my panels will be posted. The good people at Denver Comic Con assured me they will be up. It was only their third year so i’m giving them a bit more time.