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Hey Hominerds,

Last week John asked in the comment section if I would “pronounce the names of the characters we’ve seen so far?”
I thought this was a good idea, so I made this quick little video highlighting the characters in the “Hominids” so far.


Making Of…Chapter 8 Cover

Hey everyone,

A quick update on where Chapter 8 is at.

I’ll be posting the final this coming Monday with new pages coming the following week! So to tide you over here is a little video I made of the making of a cover.

Enjoy Hominerds!

Denver Comic Con

Good morning Hominerds!

As I mentioned last week, there won’t be a new page for a few weeks as I get Chapter 8 prepped. That doesn’t mean I don’t have things to share. This last weekend I was in Denver for DCC and I made this little video about my adventure about the convention and beyond! Don’t miss me diving at Casa Bonita or riding a scooter on the back roads of Golden. At the convention I had the chance to meet with some great people; Al Fukalek and Shawn Gustafson’s The Specialist, Eric Menge and Brittany Michel’s Snow By NightMy buddy Paul Sullivan, art direction on Book Of Life, also came out to support me. Not video’d but worth mentioning, it’s always great to see Robin and Cory Childs of Ley Lines, Travis “the Bean” Hanson, and the incredible Zach Howard!

Enjoy everyone! See you in a few weeks!

Preview Of Upcoming Rewards for the Hominids Patreon. Coming Soon!

This is a little sneak peek at my upcoming Patreon rewards. If you’re seeing this, that means you’re one of the dedicated ones and have a first hand look at what’s to come.

Here is the Reward for the $5.00 Patrons.


The $15.00 Reward


The $20.00 Reward


$30.00 (Ten person limit until I feel comfortable doing more) Patreon Exclusive.


$40.00 (Five person limit until I feel comfortable doing more) Patreon Exclusive.


$50.00 One every 3 months. (Five person limit) Patreon Exclusive.


Thanks everyone!


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Feelings get feeled!

Apologies are not needed.

Loves will be forever missed!


In much less sad news, there are some developments in my Patreon account.
It will be going live soon so keep an eye out for it. Here is a preview image from the accompanying video.
It’s going to be amazing!!!!

patreon photo

Giant Concept Art

I’ve had a lot of fun working on these last few pages.

The Giants are such a joy to draw.


Here is some early concept art of the Giants.

image image

Second, if you haven’t already, check out this great podcast I did this last Friday with the guys over at Inter-Comics Podcast. I had a great conversation with Jack about Hominids, the new Daredevil season, the upcoming X-Men movie and a bunch of comics!

Not only that, Hominids received a great review over at Adam-P-Reviews. Go Give it a read and let me know what you think.

Last but not least, look at this amazing Keyli drawing by my friend Karin Madan! Yes, that is drawn on a tortilla! She’s amazing! Follow her.

Photo Mar 21, 1 49 30 PM


It’ll Be Fun

Next week…200 pages! Finally!!!

We return to our main story! Will the Pack survive the onslaught of arrows? Will Icari survive his wounds? Will we ever meet the Giants? Will Jordan ever get the comments section back up and running?
So much mystery! The answers begin next week! Don’t miss out.

I am really sorry about the comments. I’m doing what I can….

Karin Madan Art

Sno is back!

Figured it would take Sno to catch that pesky monkey!

In other news, I received word that Hominids was finally approved to be on Comixology! I’m not sure when it will be up just yet, but I’ll make sure everyone know when it is.

Until next week Hominerds!

Look at these amazingly adorable, wonderful Hominids sketches from my friend Karin Madan. This is just a taste of what she can do. Make sure to follow her Facebook page as she does some of the cutest illustrations and makes her own plushy dolls.

image image image image

Chapter 7 is Here!

It’s been a long time coming!

Chapter 7 is finally here! Thanks for everyone’s patience.
In part, the long wait was due to the need for a break. 6 chapters is basically the equivalent of a full graphic novel and after getting through that, I just needed the time off. I also needed time to get a bit more organized on things like printing, writing the next book and getting a Patreon account together. The Patreon, I hope will be coming very soon so keep a look out for that.

Even though it’s been such a long break, I’ve still been keeping myself busy. The biggest of which was making the below animation. If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look. I think it’s pretty cool.

I also got a lot of great Hominids art from some great artists who I hope you check out.
This is an amazing Lye pin-up by Al Fukalek, artist of The Specialist.

This piece was done by fellow Iron Tiger Comics friend, Victor Couwenbergh. Victor is the author Zik the Gallant Defender of Zoz.


A beautiful illustration of Icari and Zona by Erin Middendorf. Here’s her art blog, pottery blog, FacebookTumblr


This amazing piece of art comes from a friend from work named Tara Mueller. You will not regret following her! Here, here, and here.


Edward Pun is the creator for the amazing comic series, Shotgun Wedding. Also check out his great pin-up work at his Twitter, or Facebook page.


This is a piece by internet famed, Stephen Byrne! Make sure to follow his Facebook page!|


My apologies if you want to make a comment. It seems it’s not working on the chapter 7 page. I’m working to get that fixed but I’m not exactly sure what’s going on yet. If you want to leave a comment, feel free to do it on chapter 6, Twitter, or Facebook page.