Another week of mourning my friends.

I debated on whether I should explain myself. Rather, I would just like to say this was the most difficult decision I’ve made for the entire series. I did not do it lightly. I did not do it for shock value. I did not do it to serve some other characters growth. I did it simply to serve the story.

I’m also going to be at Emerald City Comic Con again this year selling Hominids books as well as being apart of this years Monsterpedia! If you’ll be there you can find me at booth 1412.
I’ll be joined by the likes Dev Madan, Karin Madan, Rich Werner, Erin Middendorf, Augie Pagan, Mike Bear, and Stephen Byrne.




New Page and ECCC

Hey everyone,

I’ve been exhibiting at ECCC and just plainly forgot to upload the newest and last color page of Chapter 1! So here it is today.Chapter 1 is fully colored!


I’ll have more info on Emerald City Comic Con on Tuesdays update. This year selling Hominids books as well as being apart of this years Monsterpedia! If you’ll be there, you can find me at booth 1412.
I’ll be joined by the likes Dev Madan, Karin Madan, Rich Werner, Erin Middendorf, Augie Pagan, Mike Bear, and Stephen Byrne.



The Last 5 Days

If you’ve tried to visit the site in the last 5 days…

You may have noticed that the site was down.

I just wanted to let you know that luckily, and as you can see, it’s finally back up. It was a frustrating few days but I can assure you that this won’t be happening again. So things you might have missed while the site was down:

As with every Friday, Chapter 1 has another newly colored page. Three more pages and I’ll have a completely colored book!

I’m still on the first page of Top Webcomics! Make sure to go over and give Hominids a vote! A new incentive is coming soon.

Lastly, this is a fun thing, Hominids Facebook page just received over “700 Likes“.  If you haven’t yet, make sure you go over and give it a “like”.


The Suspense Continues!

The suspense continues!

What will be Sno and the High Priest’s fate?!? Is Icari strong enough to hold on?

I guess you’re going to have to wait until next week to find out!

A couple news items, I will be at Emerald City Comic Con again this year. I will be at booth 1412. I’m excited to announce that I will have trade paperbacks of issues 1-4 in full color as well as issue 5! This is a dry run of the book so I don’t have a lot of copies so for now they are Comicon exclusives. Stay tuned for more info on that. So if you are planning to be in Seattle at that time, make sure to stop by.

If you haven’t been stopping by on Fridays, remember, I am updating Chapter 1 every week with a new color page. It’s really bringing the series together. I always hated that that chapter was in black and white. I felt like it was holding the series back. Right now the first 19 pages are in color so go check it out! In fact, since it’s Friday, there is a newly colored page over there right now!!!


Last but not least, don’t forget to vote for Hominids and help keep it in the top 100 at Top Webcomics. It’s one of the top driving forces of new traffic for me right now. Let’s help grow the Hominids fanbase! Especially now that things are getting really good!

Thanks everyone!

Chapter 1, page 18

Hey everyone,

A new colored chapter 1 page is now available.

This weeks page is thanks to my brother Travis Kotzebue. He’s helped me in multiple occasions in the past with pages and I couldn’t be more thankful for his help. Make sure to follow all his social media pages and he is doing a sketch a day for one year straight. Trust me, you don’t want to miss these. Here are the links: T.K. Watkins Facebook page, Tumblr, and Twitter. That should be enough to get all his updates.

Here is the update for the latest page:


Infinite Canvas

So things are really starting to go horribly wrong.

Sno is on her own, Icari is injured, and the rest of the pack is no where to be scene!

You don’t want to miss these upcoming pages! In the meantime….

…I was part of a gallery show called Infinite Canvas that featured webcomics at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD) where I received my bachelor’s degree.

Here are some of the other webcomics featured:
The PC Weenies by Krishna Sadasivam
Nameless PCs
by Wesley Hall
Ninjasaur by Jason Horn
McManamanimation by Amanda McManaman

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of info at the site, but there are a few photos HERE. My mother and stepfather paid the show a visit. It was closed Sunday, but the security guard was nice enough to let them in. Here are some highlights. Thanks for visiting Mom!

Photo Jan 25, 3 03 24 PMPhoto Jan 25, 3 02 07 PM Photo Jan 25, 3 02 24 PM  Photo Jan 25, 3 05 03 PM

The security guard who let them in.
Photo Jan 25, 3 06 44 PM

Page 173


Bear with me here.

I have a point and a reason for what’s happening to Sno.

This is one of the more difficult pages I’ve had to draw. I’m always a little nervous to post tough pages like this. In the next couple weeks hopefully it will become obvious why Sno has been stripped of her clothes, further then the High Priest being the worst! Just from what’s happening on this page, the most significant moment here is that this is where the High Priest has lost the audience. As much as they are indoctrinated, this was a bit much for them. It make sense just looking at how much they cover up and devalue their own women. To see that much skin in this context must be a shock.
The other big thing is Icari. His empathy has given himself away!

The intensity continues next week!

Chapter 6, Part 1

Hey Hominerds,

You may have noticed the little “End of part 1″.

Chapter 6 is turning out to be quite epic. Not just in the story but also in the length. I looked at the way it breaks down and it just so turns out page 22 (the length of a single comic issue) was the perfect cliffhanger moment. In this case, figuratively and literally.
This means I’m going to take a short break. Only two Tuesdays and then I’ll be back with part 2 of Chapter 6. This is going to give me time to build my page buffer back up, as well as some other very important tasks that will hopefully bring more readers to the comic.
So it’s a bit of a wait, but I promise you, the second I’m back it’s nothing but the climax of book 1 and it’s going to be non-stop intensity to the very end.

Page 149


Hey Gang,

Not a lot to report this week.

I know I say this often but this was a page I’ve been anticipating for some time. It was hard to kill off this character. Part of me really want to give him a happy ending. With his situation though, I don’t think it would have been realistic. His is just a sad story. If Keyli doesn’t escape, this will most certainly be his fate.

The other big thing is of course, Eetori has mastered his new invention. A bow and arrow may seem low tech to us, but for them, this is a game changer. Things are even more dangerous for our pack of Tree Dwellers!

Still no word on when the videos of my panels will be posted. The good people at Denver Comic Con assured me they will be up. It was only their third year so i’m giving them a bit more time.


Preview Next Week

Hey Hominerds,

This chapter I’m going to make more of an effort to update more frequently.

It doesn’t mean I’ll post more pages, but it will mean that I’ll write more blog entries, post process/concept art, and basically be more available to you, the reader. You guys are basically my favorite people in the world. Seriously, you don’t have to come back each week and read my comic. You don’t owe me anything. Yet you keep coming back. I’m constantly in awe of you!

With that, here is a sneak preview of next weeks page. Tomorrow I’ll post some classic Hominids art from my childhood!chapter-6_3