As an albino, Sno has always been an outsider. Because her skin makes her stand out as an obvious target, she has learned to be to be acutely aware of her surroundings. Sno is a strong, confident member of her Pack* and thus a great asset to her people.


Keyli is caretaker to Gosh. Somewhat rash and temperamental, he never backs down and is fiercely loyal to those he loves. Keyli is also a problem solver. Building tools to make life better is one of his favorite things to do. He is also very much in love with Sno.


Gosh (Clumsy)

The only other albino in the Pack, Gosh has learned almost none of the skills that his sister Sno has. Gosh loves life and the world around him. He is highly imaginative and lives in his own world. This makes the real one very dangerous for him. That said, he may surprise you from time to time.



As a young man on a mission to find the truth, he will let nothing get in his way. Unfortunately he knows almost nothing about the jungle and is blinded by a troubled past.



Though Zona is not the official leader of the Pack, everyone looks to her for guidance and decision making. She knows more about the jungle and the Mountian Dwellers than anyone. She is also Keyli’s mother.



If Zona was the chief then Zurumba would be general. Anytime the Pack is in trouble, Zurumba is looked upon to take charge. He is almost the intellectual equal to Zona but also sees things much differently. This often leads to strong dissent and debate between the two.



Basse has recently joined the adults in their activities. He is popular among all the Packs, but this has made him very confident and arrogant. His opinion is always heard and he usually gets what he wants.



Lye is the caretaker of all the children in the Pack…a teacher of sorts. She is also an incredible warrior, often putting herself in danger for the sake of others. Because of this, other Pack members admire her greatly and  often seek her company. However, this extra attention has given her quite an ego.


Eetori is Icari’s father. Most important to him though, is the fact that he is the right hand man to the High Priest. He does anything and everything that is asked of him, including banishing his own son. This is because he is a devout follower of the High Priest and his teachings. Everything Eetori does, he believes to be righteous.

High Priest/Otari

No spoilers here. Go read the book.


I would hate to give away too much about Antozia just yet. All we know is that she is Dezia daughter and a bit of a badass.


Dezia Is the chief of the Giants. Largely a tribe of water dwellers, the Giants deal in fishing and trade, which is the way Dezia would like to keep it. However, he will help those in need, but they will be deeply in debt.



Little is known about this species of hominid. This is largely due to the fact that they would kill and eat anyone before there was time to learn anything. It is highly advised to stay away from these creatures at all costs.


Root Dwellers

Descended from apes similar to chimpanzees, this strange group of Hominids are a ferocious enemy. Though they are half the size of any of the other Hominids, they compensate for it in strength and agility.


Jepp and Gang

Although part of the same Pack, Jepp has always gone out of his way to make Keyli, Sno, and Gosh feel unwelcome. Being a bully has helped raise his status among the youth in the Pack. He acts this way largely because he wants to divert attention away from his own character flaws. In truth, he is jealous of Keyli’s creativity and talent.

You also may not have noticed, but Jepp is totally dead.


Running an underground rebellion on the Mountain, Aura is a sympathizer to the Tree Dwellers. Oppressed herself, she looks to find her and her people’s freedom.


Flores is the latest to join the team in the hunt for “the Creature”. Despite being handicapped, she is a highly skilled tracker and never turns from a fight. Perhaps this is why she is missing limbs.

The Old Man

Promising to help Zona, the old man guides her safely through the city. His motives, however, are unknown.

The Creature

The Creature of the Jungle. A God? A monster? None of the above?