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Aura’s motive has been revealed.

We’ll have to come back to them at a later time. Next week we return to our team.


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  1. John says:

    Wife, Called it!

    I find it creepy that Eetori did married her now knowing more about her. It’s like if your dad started sleeping with your girlfriend. I know that’s not what she is to Icari but that’s what I’m getting.

    • jordan says:

      It is indeed creepy. This is inspired a lot in part by those polygamist Mormon cults that Jeff Warren ran. They would, indeed, kick out the young boys and men so that the elders could marry the young women. It’s pretty messed up.

  2. jazylh says:

    WOW this just got complicated. @-@ Awesome paneling skills!

  3. Christopher Jones says:

    Wow, just when we were liking Eetori even more….(end sarcasm). Dude, you are just as messed up as old CGP, and since you tried marrying your son’s finace after banishing him, you’re probably even more messed up. Seriously, this guy needs a swift kick in the lower body someday….

    Also, I think I’m gonna love Aura a whole lot too. Maybe she’ll make the Mountain People come to their senses and actually try to be friends with the Tree Dwellers (though, not with the latter knocking their heads around though.), as long as she doesn’t die.

    However, I wonder how the poor girl will feel when she finds out her ex has been going out with one of the tribe (especially it’s older, wise woman) and impregnated them? That’s gonna be awkward…. (but I really hope that doesn’t lead to a heel turn)

    • jordan says:

      It’s more of an arranged marriage type thing. They weren’t really exes and we still don’t know how Icari felt about her. It could be completely different. That said, there’s definitely a past there that we’ll learn more about in the future.
      I also agree, I think you’ll like Aura too!

    • Christopher Jones says:

      Oh, okay. I guess “exes” wasn’t really the right word, then huh? Though, Aura seems to still have feelings for Icari….so if he doesn’t feel the same, she’s probably gonna be in for a world of heartbreak….but I’m sure she’ll be fine. I can’t wait to learn more about her 🙂

      Though, I also can’t wait for her, Icari and Zona giving Eetori a nice beatdown 😀 He really deserves one.

    • jordan says:

      I totally agree.

  4. Christopher Jones says:

    ah, crap! i mean “looks like eetori….” is it possible to edit comments?

  5. Christopher Jones says:

    Oh, boy, looks LIKE Eetori, the new CGP seems to know who she is…. Either way, it’s cool to see of the Mountain People who helped the tribe again. Hopefully Aura manages to both live and escape…. but not before giving Eetori what for 🙂

    Also, I got a question, I always wondered how old the main characters are. I know you mentioned that Zona was somewhere between her late 30s-early 40s or something, but do you got an idea of the other characters’ ages? (like, I could see Icari maybe being somewhere in his 20s, same with Keyli and Clumsy.)

    • jordan says:

      Good question too. Understanding that in the world they have to live in, it’s important to grow up fast! They’re all a little younger then you guessed.
      When the story began Icari was roughly 18. Keyli and Sno were 17 and Clumsy about 14. Basse is about 20. Lye is about 23.
      At the present they’re all about a year older.
      Did I miss anyone else you’re curious about?

    • Christopher Jones says:

      Nah, you didn’t miss anyone and thanks a bunch 🙂

      Though, now that I know that Icari is 18-19, I got a new question: why did you decide to make him Zona’s current…um…”love interest” (considering if her feelings are as strong as his, probably), when she’s about 20 years younger than him? Yeah sorry if this question will make you uncomfortable. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to…

    • jordan says:

      I don’t mind answering. Zona partly explains it herself in Chapter 3 when she’s trying for the first time to “get with” Icari.
      In patriarchal societies it’s common place for older men to take on young wives. Even today, we barely bat an eye when some guy with money marries a girl 30 years younger then him. You can even look to movies for examples. Female love interests can often be 15 or 20 years younger and no one minds because the men are handsome.
      I’m not judging but I wanted to flip that on its head. Showing how older women still hold value in the world where youth and beauty are all that seem to matter, was really important. So I let Zona, an older, beautiful and wise woman have her way with him.
      That’s one part of it. The other is that we have to look at these characters outside of our own cultural lense sometimes. They come from a very different place and see the world very differently. Their age difference isn’t such a big deal to the Tree Dwellers. What mattered to Zona was that Icari was a fully matured man that could provide a strong child and she could provide him with experience and wisdom.
      Hopefully this all makes sense. I’m happy to keep talking about it.

    • Christopher Jones says:

      Oh, wow! That’s actually a pretty interesting and kind of sweet reasoning you got there 😀 It’s not everyday you get to see the gender reverse of the “older lover, younger lover” trope in stories. Also helps that…both Icari and Zona are really sweet together, IMO. (Though, I wonder how the dude must feel knowing he’s mating with his best friend’s mom…that is, if he knows Zona is Keyli’s mom XD)

      Man, now I really, really hope Zona makes it out okay. I’m not sure Icari, the tribe and I can handle the heartbreak if she doesn’t…. ;-;

  6. John says:

    Thank you for doing this Because some of them threw me for a loop like Gosh. I thought his name was said like “oh my gosh” but now I see say them. Again thank you.

    As for the comic I’m guessing that Aura is ether Eetori’s sister or wife. Hopefully not both.

    • jordan says:

      Sure thing, John. It was a good idea and a fun thing to do.
      As for Eetori and Aura, I wouldn’t want it to be both either. Gross!

  7. MyHatIsMadeFromOranges says:

    “No, not me, idiots!”

  8. John says:

    A nice comic everyone has said some good questions and observations.

    I was thinking if this is OK that in your next video thing you can probably pronounce the names of the characters we’ve seen so far? For some of them I and maybe a few others don’t know how to pronounce them. It’s OK if you don’t feel like it or are uncomfortable with the idea; just asking nicely.

  9. T. Gatto says:

    Mmmmmmmm looks yummy!
    I am inclined to wonder, if you can get biggie fries, and a coke with one of those…

  10. Christopher Jones says:

    *half-sarcastically* Oh, it’s such a joy to hear Crazy Genocidal Priest talk again…. *end sarcasm*

    I really hope he gets his ass kicked eventually. Hopefully by Zona.

    Hold on. Weren’t there, like, some members of whatever religion CGP was apart who helped the tribe from the Mountain People? Will we ever see them again? Just wondering….

    • jordan says:

      Don’t worry. Eetori is much less of a talker than the High Priest. His speech is basically done.
      And yes, you’ll be hearing again from the group of humans that’s helped. Probably very very soon.

  11. Jędrzej says:

    We are back in Bismuth!… Did they changed Gate from one winged to two winged? And how the heck do Humans know about food chain? Now I think it really is distant future, not past.

    • jordan says:

      I think I’m busted in a continuity error. For some reason I was seeing it as two doors….I mean um…yeah, totally on purpose! The gate opens three different ways! That way enemies have no way of knowing how to enter. Yes! Planned it that way all along!

  12. MyHatIsMadeFromOranges says:

    Nuclear tattoo!
    Get yours today!

  13. jazylh says:

    Absolutley loving the way you convey dialogue through expression. & as always the backgrounds are surreal.

    • jordan says:

      Thanks Jazy! And thanks for the support. I really enjoy Beast Legion and encourage all my readers to read it too.

  14. John says:

    Its going to be twins!

    By the way; how old is Zona? If their life span is like humans then I would put her in her mid forties. which if true could put a some risk for her and the baby(ies).

    Lastly yay Icari is now a part of the pack! so happy for him.

    • jordan says:

      Good question. I would say late 30’s to early 40’s. Remember that they would start child rearing pretty early on. Zona was probably in her mid-teens when she started having babies. From our perspective, that’s of course way too early but for them, they have to grow up really fast in an environment like that.

      I’m actually really excited to have him as part of the pack too. In my first draft, he joined waaaay earlier. It didn’t feel right though as he needed to build real trust with them first.

  15. T. Gatto says:

    Next Week, a Caveman Musical Rendition of “Leader of the Pack”!? :p

  16. Christopher Jones says:

    Aw, Icari now knows Zona’s pregnant <3 😀 I can't wait to see him learn how to be a father and getting some help from the tribe 🙂 Oh, and YAY! He's part of the tribe now!

    • jordan says:

      Yep! He’s finally one of them…but I’m sure there will still be some missteps along the way.

  17. Mr Heavy Steps says:


    I’m super addicted. I just discovered this comic through a friend when you put your latest page up, and I just spent the last couple days reading ALL of it. I really enjoy your art and storytelling styles and your world is so creative I want to know all about it. I also enjoy your take on the development and role of religion in your world. I wonder if Ikari really still believes in what he’s saying or if he’s just trying to comfort his friend. I’m divided on whether I want Sno to be alive or not. She is probably my favorite character, but I get fed up with the whole “Miraculous survival” trope sometimes. Anyways… I think it’s safe to say I’m going to be an avid reader either way.

    • jordan says:

      Thanks so much Mr Heavy Steps! I hope to keep hearing from you in the future. I am also sick of the “Miraculous survival” trope in writing. I think it’s a bit lazy and dishonest storytelling. The one thing that I’ll say without spoilers is that Sno will have a presence in the story one way or another through the rest of the book.
      Thanks for reading!

  18. John says:

    Waiting to see how the new chapter starts and off the bat we get a new travel companion! Welcome to the cast Antozia, hope you don’t die finding this thing.

    And lastly OH MY GOD THE SLOTHS CAN CLOSE THEIR EYES!! I thought that they were to bug eyed to have eye lids. I thought they just licked them.

    • jordan says:

      I hope she doesn’t either! I think you’ll like her. She’s pretty badass.
      The sloths could have licked their eyes but I thought this was cuter.

  19. MyHatIsMadeFromOranges says:

    Oh hey, new chapter.

    Also, welcome back!

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