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Wow! I think we’re going to make it to 300 pages this issue! How crazy is that?

If you want to see more, or any behind the scene action, you can pledge at the Hominids Patreon!

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  1. Christopher Jones says:

    Holy crap! It’s been a while, has it? Anyways, welcome back 😀

    Also…..SNO?! Is that you?

  2. Hee Fone says:

    Just a gentle reminder, I appreciate that you updated the character page but there are a few grammatical mistakes regarding the info about Aura.

  3. Giddgie says:


  4. Happy to see you back.

  5. MyHatIsMadeFromOranges says:

    Oh shit! New page! 😀

  6. Hee Fone says:

    I’m assuming that the hybrid child of Zona & Icari will be born in this chapter.

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